Monday, June 18, 2007

The poetry of the dentist

Because soccer is a "safe" sport, I do not wear my mouthguard when I play. So when I went to the dentist on Saturday afternoon, he wrote me some poetry to better help me understand my predicament. Here it is, for your edification:

Because teeth have broken, the nerve is angry.
Because the inflammation is strong, anaesthetizing is not effective.
The medicine that suppresses the inflammation is packed, and the medicine is put out.
It treats administering anaesthetics again even if the inflammation calms down later.

It treats over several-time. It will become after Tuesday in next week next time
if it is necessary to wait for the inflammation to calm down.
The god doesn't come recommended today because power to match is applied, and the pain occurs
strongly when following it in apprecation of the beautiful.

Treatment that removes the angry nerve is done administering anaesthetics again
next time. If it settles down the symptom, a temporary following is done.

I'm sure you can see it was very edifying, given the circumstances.


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