Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Daily Wanker 2007 Photographic Hall of Fame

Here at the Daily Wanker we pride ourselves on the air of arrogant self-congratulation which we maintain throughout the higher echelons of management. Although the pinnacle from which we gaze beneficently down upon the masses is so lofty that we can barely see your toiling bodies, we still feel that you should be able to take the time out from your short, brutal existence to contemplate the sublime beauty of the world around you. And what organisation has better described and catalogued that world in the last year than the Daily Wanker, for whose greater benefit you mere peons slave endlessly?

In order to celebrate the delicate blend of hubris and condescension with which we have deigned to entertain you over the last year, the Daily Wanker has arranged an exhibition of its best photographs, which (since you are too busy slaving under our lash to visit in person) we have chosen to present to you through one of our online subsidiaries, which you can visit here.

Because our normal collection of illustrations has been slowly growing larger, but declining in quality, we have established this new, elite exhibition in order to make it easier for you, our loyal serf, to gaze in wonder upon the marvels of those higher beings for whom it is your destiny to toil selflessly. Perhaps if you spend sufficient time gazing upon these wonders - we at the Daily Wanker sincerely hope - you will be able to better yourself and in some small way move a little closer in your bestial nature towards our own perfection. Of course, your base natures are such that you are probably not even reading this, let alone enjoying rare art. It is the Burden of superior beings in these times, I suppose, that we must endure the indifference of our lesser man...

... nonetheless, in hope that your souls can be elevated, we will continue to add our best pictures to this collection as they become available. We at the Daily Wanker can only hope that you enjoy looking on them as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.


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