Sunday, November 11, 2007

Maples in a storm

Today the Delightful Miss E and I travelled to Mt. Daisen with the stunningly handsome Mr. Hiroki and his friend Miss H to view the maple leaves, which are now just a week away from the full glory of their turn. Unfortunately winter is setting in atop Mt. Daisen, and we arrived in a ferocious hailstorm. It was only 4C when we entered Daisenji, the same temple we had been in a month earlier with Miss E's uncle, so even holding the camera steady was something of a challenge. On the way to Daisenji from a more remote viewing spot we passed several cars stuck on the road, slipping and sliding in place due to the thick hail that coated the road. Despite the weather the Maples were glorious, and with luck in the next 2 days we can take some photos in clear, and slightly warmer, weather.


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