Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Daily Wanker Editorial Board: Administrative Notes

Here at the Daily Wanker Editorial Board we pride ourselves on providing a timely response to customer complaints. It should come as no surprise to our loyal reader, then, that we have noticed a definite decline in output from our Japan correspondent since February. In keeping with our business motto, "Getting around to it", we feel it is high time our diligent reader received an explanation for this woeful lack of reporting.

It would appear that our correspondent in Japan has been somewhat consumed over the past 3 months with an intense and ongoing conflict with the management of his day job, and has had neither the time nor the inclination to honour the contract he signed with the esteemed managers of this humble journal. Since his holiday in Australia, however, said correspondent has managed to resolve this conflict in the time honoured fashion of men of his sterling qualities - he has run away. He has, in fact, secured himself a job with a think tank in London, and will be setting off forthwith for the United Kingdom.

This news may come as something of a shock to the reader, being imparted as it is a mere 2 weeks before your correspondent's estimated date of departure; but it has been in train for some time now, and represents the culmination of several months' planning. Our correspondent offers his apologies to those who need as much spam as they can get to fill their day job, and suggests you seek penis enlargement technology as an alternative way of filling your inbox while on holidays.

Of course, once our correspondent leaves for the UK no-one will have any interest in anything he has to say, the UK being the place it is; and he has in fact contracted to continue his despatches mostly in Japanese, for his Japanese friends. In the meantime, we can expect a few more commentaries from our only Japanese correspondent, on topics as diverse as:

  • A multinational comparison of public service assistance
  • Bullying and quality in Japanese universities
  • Drinking and flower watching with the Railway staff
  • some crazy aspects of Japanese work culture
Weighty topics, I'm sure we can agree. Our correspondent has also agreed to give one final post after his arrival in the UK, detailing some of the differences between arriving and living in the West, and living in Japan.

We here at the Editorial Board of the Daily Wanker would like to thank you all for your patience in enduring this pap for the last 2 years, and assure you that it will all soon be over - for you at least, though not for our long-suffering British Public, who do not yet know what is about to hit them...


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