Saturday, October 14, 2006

Kombat Kulcha VI

Today I found a magazine, Venus, which seems to have a special edition consisting of Japanese kickboxing and wrestling women in various states of undress. If the women were dressed, it was usually in order for the reader to look up their dress. Please understand me, dear Reader, when I tell you I bought this magazine: as a 33 year old unmarried atheist I cannot sully myself with the impurities of the flesh, and every now and then I must give in to the relentless pressure society places on young men in my unusual position (you see, it's society's fault).

If it is any consolation to those of my readership with more delicate sensibilities, please be aware that I punished myself while I "read" this volume. Actually, maybe you don't want to hear about my self-flagellation...

Anyhow, it would appear that the Japanese Fighting world has taken a leaf from the Australian Women's Soccer Team's guide to Self promotion, and my, what promotion it is! My first sight of the last fighting woman in the magazine was a photograph of her sitting on a leather couch in her underwear, legs spread wide and a very combative expression on her face. Now that's what I call fightin'!! I have checked on the internet and this girl was in the power-rangers movie, and is a Mixed Martial Art fighter (or was, before her movie career took off).

When a debutante fighter can jump straight to modelling (ahem) via the power-rangers movie, you know you are in a world of Kombat Kulcha...


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