Saturday, December 30, 2006

The clothing

The Delightful Miss E and I decided that we would have a Shinto wedding in a Shinto shrine, which means that we would also need to wear Japanese style clothing. Miss E chose not to wear the full traditional bridal kimono because the wig looks rather silly and would look entirely too much like fancy dress on a Westerner; however, she was able to wear a normal kimono, and to go with it I wore the men's kimono which one occasionally sees in modern formal ceremonies in Japan. We also selected a purple kimono emblazoned with butterflies for Miss Violet, and a charming red and black flower-scattered kimono for the amusingly disgruntled Annaleah (not her real name, of course), seen here looking happy despite having arrived on an overnight train a mere 2 hours before the wedding.

These clothes are remarkably corset-like about the waist, requiring two women at full strength to tug the various cords tight and to ensure that everything was strictly in place. I must say I don't have quite the same poise in these clothes as, say, Koizumi Junichiro (Japan's last prime minister); but I did feel a little moment of samurai splendour when I first emerged from the training area in this get up. And how better can one look for one's own wedding than wearing a dress, thongs and sandals?


Blogger Sgt M said...

You old Dirge!

I guess that means you'll now have to hand in your key to Lord Steppleworth's Gentlemans club and join the local Rotary Association like yours truly.

Congratulations on the union there lad! I told you it would grow on you!

7:10 AM  

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