Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Updates to the Illustrations

I have recently updated the Illustrations for the Chronicle, adding many pictures of my environs and the various fun and interesting things I have been doing. Since I have been now keeping the illustrations regularly updated my reader(s) may find that there are an abundance of images which have not previously been viewed; however, I shall outline those changes which I have recently made below, so that you can choose where or whether to click in order not to waste precious break time on unnecessary images.

  • Pictures of the Ryukakuji (Dragon Memory Temple) graveyard, in Matsue, are in the Shrines and Temples section
  • Pictures of flowers decorating the gravestones at this temple can be found in the Flowers section
  • My fish are, of course, in the Animals section
  • More fish skeletons and other grotesqueries are in the Life in Japan section
  • Some pictures from this weekend's Matsue food festival, are in the Festivals section, including a quite ordinary picture of a famous Takoyaki - octopus balls - stall. Note the balls are balls made from Octopus, not of an octopus
  • Pictures of Shimane University are in the Views of Shimane section

The fish bones, incidentally, are the consequence of Setsubun, a festival which requires that in addition to beating up a demon one should eat a grilled sardine, cooked ungutted in front of the supermarket. This we duly did, and didn't entirely regret.

I recommend continued occasional checking of the Illustrated Chronicles - I am going to Tokyo this weekend and in addition to visiting Lafcadio Hearn's tomb, I intend to take pictures of crazy Harajuku kids.


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